About me dot com

All artwork on this site is SFW. NSFW art of mine can be found on SoFurry. My artwork is free to use non-commercially (go have fun ERPing or tracing over it), it would just be kino if you remembered me if someone asks about it. I don't do requests or collabs but you can ask if your idea is commisionable, I don't have fixed prices but I doubt I'll ask for more than roughly 30 USD.

I'm Varlus, a late 20 something year old in the eastern US. Outside of being an artist, I like doing minor tech repairs, collecting oddities, playing some MTG, gaming, and cooking/baking. I like games like Fallout 1, The Binding of Isaac, and Sonic Adventure 2. I like music such as The Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, and Aesop Rock. I mostly watch videos about gaming technical dives or passively listening to science news. I once dumpster dived a nice little CRT tv and that's about as exciting as my life gets.